Working as volunteers with Dreamweaver International, two dynamic mother-daughter teams speak with Dr. Bruhl about their experience working in Kenya. ...View Details

Christine Naserian Njeri is a Maasai woman with a passion to end the brutal and senseless ritual of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) in Africa.  Christ...View Details

Joseph Nkaapa - Raising the Standards, Finding Excellence in Children in Kenya Joseph Nkaapa is the director for the Kimana School of Leadership and P...View Details

Gerry Kennan - Helping Haitian Children to Thrive, Grow, & Suceed in Life Gerry wa appointed to the Illinois Pollution Control Board by Governor B...View Details

Pete Caliendo - Baseball is Life (A Journey to Spread Hope with Sport) Peter Caliendo’s baseball experience covers a wide range of geography and respo...View Details

Kenton Lee - Shoes That Grow Founder Giving Every Child Hope by Protecting Their Feet THE PROBLEM Over 2 billion people suffer from soil-transmitted d...View Details

Dr. Jean Claude Doornick - ChiroMission Co-Founder Serving the World & Attacking the Obesity Crisis  Dr. JC Doornick is a personal development coa...View Details

Jorge Flores - Broke College Student Helping the Homeless  Jorge Flores is a recent graduate of Stetson University in Deland, Florida and a former Div...View Details

Rabbi Evan Moffic - Teaching the Jewishness of Jesus & Bridging Faith Rabbi Evan Moffic is the lead rabbi for Temple Solel in Highland Park, IL. H...View Details

Coach Owino Chapman - Inspiring Kenyan Youth with Baseball There are people in Kimana, Kenya, where Owino coaches youth baseball that believe he is a ...View Details

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