Beth Okech - Kenya Relief Medical Center & Orphanage

Beth knew when she was (13) and heard the stories of how missionaries served the poor in far away countries, she wanted to be one. In 2007, she graduated from a surgical tech program and traveled to Kenya two years later for the first time. When she arrived her heart was broken by the almost unbearable poverty and the crushing lack of hope so many people endured. No access to medical care, orphaned children, and devastaing social challenges were everywhere. As Beth contemplated her next steps to take and become an Agent of Social Change, she found an opportunity to work with Kenya Relief and operate a small clinic in rural Kenya. Taking the position as director in 2011, Beth leads 16 medical teams annually who come to serve the poor, providing medical care and assistance. In addition to the medical center Beth leads, Kenya Relief also provides help to people with disabilities, water projects, and houses 98 orphaned children. 

Dr. Warren Bruhl's comments 

I have followed Beth's remarkable work and been awed by all she does in Kenya to help the poor, providing medical care and other programs. Working in Kenya for five years, I watch how she is able to mobilize so many people and bring a large quantity of resources to her community and shake my head, thinking, "HOW DID SHE DO THAT? BECAUSE IT'S NOT EASY!" But, Beth takes it all so casually and humbly and knows her calling. This was a great honor to interview her when she was back in the United States visiting family before she returned to her work in Kenya. Enjoy the interview with this remarkable leader from Kenya who is saving lives and truly changing the world. 


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