Coach Owino Chapman - Inspiring Kenyan Youth with Baseball

There are people in Kimana, Kenya, where Owino coaches youth baseball that believe he is a "one of a kind" man. Though Owino came to work in Kenya after an invitation to participate in the Gear 4 Goals sports baseball project, and was new to the area, he integrated himself into the community and has had huge impact on the youth. Local children, never hearing about baseball before 2012, Owino immediately began organizing them into teams, teaching the rules and nuances of baseball. 

At first it was difficult helping children understand the game. But little-by-little he began to gain hope they would learn how to play and eventually even become champions. Spurred by a dream Dr. Warren Bruhl had to elevate youth in this area through baseball and other sports, Owino has come to believe baseball is doing more for the children than many people realize when observing the program at first glance. As he points out, many of the athletes he coaches don't have fathers and or mothers due in part to circumstances of death. His influence as a coach often transcends to surrogate dad and loving father. His care and desire to see his players succeed and become powerful leaders of community fuel his mission. Many have gone back to school after dropping out. Some have improved their grades dramatically. Players clean up garbage and want to be more active in the community to make their town a better place to live. 

Owino works for Dreamweaver through the Gear 4 Goals project and is the director for Mt. Kilimanjaro Little League in Kenya. 

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