Lenkai Ole Kiturai - Revealing Maasai Wisdom 

Lenkai is a Maasai warrior and was raised in rural Kenya in the shadows of Mt. Kilimanjaro. As a Maasai, Lenkai is aware there is a delicate balance in nature and safety from dangerous animals in Africa requires wisdom and bravery. Lenkai is a night guard for the Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies and Kimana Christian Academy in Kenya. Lenkai is charged with the nightly duty of determining if any wild animals are attempting to enter the campus and protect young children who board at the school. Lenkai is a thoughtful and caring man who loves his family and in this podcast shares audio and story about Maasai wisdom shared by elders of his community. Rarely do people get to hear the wisdom messages Lenkai shares with our audience in this interview I conducted in the evening as he was beginning his night shift. The end of the interview is ended abruptly by our Kenyan director, Mr. Taylor, because the gate has been left open and it needs to be closed immediately as night fall is coming. An open gate at nightfall can be a danger and Ken wants to make sure Lenkai closes the gate, so I was unable to complete the interview in it's entirety. Though the interview is insigtful and informative and I am sure you will enjoy it. 

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