Purity Gikunju - Coffee Growers Alliance

From Coffee Growers Alliance website (www.growersalliance.com)

"I grew up very poor on a coffee farm in Kenya. I feel a great desire in my heart to speak out not just for the poor coffee growers back home in my own village of Mwea in Kenya but for coffee growers from all over the world who are still very poor even today despite the fact that they do the most work. The reason that they are still poor is because they have been taken advantage of for way far too long by the several unnecessary middle men who take the biggest cut. My biggest dream is to connect coffee growers directly to the market."

Miss Purity Gikunju – President and CEO, Growers Alliance Coffee Company, Jacksonville, Florida


NOTE:  This recording was conducted in an outdoor venue with high force winds so some of the audio is poor quality.  Please listen through the small areas of poor quality.  This is an awesome interview and Purity is a "big time" Agent of Social Change making a difference in the world.  

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