Rabbi Evan Moffic - Teaching the Jewishness of Jesus & Bridging Faith

Rabbi Evan Moffic is the lead rabbi for Temple Solel in Highland Park, IL. He is the author of three books, The Jewishness of Jesus, What Every Christian Needs to Know About Jesus, and The Happiness Prayer. Rabbi Moffic originally wanted to pursue a career in law but found he was attracted to Hebrew scripture and Jewish texts after he took a religious studies class during his undergraduate studies. His pathway in teaching eventually led him to discover there is a real hunger for Christians to understand more about the Jewish roots of Christianity and the Jewishness of Jesus. He is a frequent speaker around the world, offering hope and working to bridge faith, helping people to understand the ways we are connected and called to serve God. Rabbi Moffic is a sensitive, bright, and powerful teacher who recognizes mankind is designed to love and God's desire is for our peaceful love and care for one another and not hatred and violence. His reverence for Torah, Jewish tradition, and message is shared with eloquence in this interview. 

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