Ron Bernardi - The Godly Grocer

Ron Bernardi is an institution in Northbrook, Illinois and around the greater Chicagoland area. Ron is the Community Service Representative for Sunset Foods in Northbrook, Illinois and has been in the grocery business for 50 years. Getting his start right out of high school and working his way from a clerk in the meat department, onto management for 40 years, and now community liason, Ron knows people. The key to Ron's success in business and life has been his consistent love of service. Whether Ron is talking to a customer in the produce department, leading a Bible study, or doing a volunteer auction, he loves to share his testimony and witness how God has been the secret ingredient to his success. When Ron was a young man, he felt insecure and anxious about his life, not knowing what his purpose or calling really was. But that all changed the day he gave his life to the Lord and took Jesus Christ into his heart. As Ron describes in this interview, it was moment in the toilet paper aisle and a customer who asked him the most important question of his life, THAT CHANGED HIS LIFE. You will love hearing Ron's story of how he uses books along with public speaking to reach thousands of people and provide hope through encouragement and witness. Ron describes himself as a SERVANT LEADER and THE GODLY GROCER.

COMMENTS FROM DR. WARREN BRUHL about this interview

On a personal note, I have known Ron for over 20 years and he is one of the most ethical, caring, and generous men I know. He was a very dear friend of my mother, Sandy Taylor, and has supported ministries and charities around the world, including Dreamweaver. At Ron's 70th birthday celebration, thousands of people came to Sunset Foods to wish Ron a joyful and healthy birthday. Ron is a special Agent of Social Change. 

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