Settiel Mlingi - Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide Giving Hope

Settiel Mlingi has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro over 400 times and helped thousands of tourist climbers summit the majestic and challenging Mountain. Beginning as a young climber, Seittiel has operated and led teams of guides and porters and provided help to them through education. Many guides and porters are abused and not cared for well by climbing companies, often not payed, not provided proper clothing, or working in challenging life threatening situations. Settiel is an advocate for change, educating guides and porters, helping to improve work conditions, and increase wages. 

Further, the challenges Settiel discusses in this podcast interview are also issues that may exist around the world in this industry. I was unaware and I am sure many of our listeners will be surprised to learn about this industry and some of the horrors in it. This interview was conducted while I was completing my recent climb of the Mountain on the way down on the 6th day in a warming hut at a base camp. Settiel had helped me summit so I could spread the ashes of my mother who had passed in 2016. 

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