Susan Wambai - Gave a Poor Boy Hope with Shoes

Susan lives in Kimana, Kenya in the foothills of majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro.  A single mom struggly to raise two children on her own and pay for school fees, Susan works in a small shop she operates in Kimana. She has a heart for the poor despite her limited resources and as a result she is giving from her small amount to encourage and give hope. Recently, I was touched by what she did for a small boy named John. John is among the most affected poor of the community and was walking to school daily wearing shoes that wear tattered, torn at the toes, with no insoles, dirty, and worn. Other children were making fun of his shoes, so Susan gave John a new pair of shoes, buying the shoes in the market and giving them to him as a love gift. 

This touched me so much, I asked her if I could fish the shoes out of the garbage in the gutter and I retrieved them. Then, I took them back to the United States and have used them to help educate others on the difficulties people live under in poverty. In this interview, I visit Susan and bring the shoes back so she can see them again and remember the love she gave John, helping him to keep hope alive. 

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