Dr. Warren Bruhl is the executive director of Dreamweaver International and the the co-author of Wavers & Beggars New Insight and Hope to End Poverty and Global Challenges. Dr. Bruhl had one of the largest pediatric chiropractic practices in the country before leaving practice to serve the poor and become a Social Change Engineer. His passion is bringing the people who can help solve social challenges to the issues. Since 2012, his Gear for Goals project has helped over 600,000 children in 33 countries have sports and the arts. He believes in order to solve the great problems that face the world, we have to start with a basic mission, "Help Needy People Become Needed."  When people are needed and valued, everyone contributes to solutions and most if not all the issues that strangle humanity will heal. Wavers and Beggars, Agents of Social Change is devoted to sharing the stories of the everyday guy and gal that are making a difference.  To learn more about Dreamweaver: www.dreamweaver911.org.  To learn more about the book Wavers & Beggars: www.waversandbeggars.com

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