Gerry Kennan - Helping Haitian Children to Thrive, Grow, & Suceed in Life

Gerry wa appointed to the Illinois Pollution Control Board by Governor Bruce Rauner in 2015 and served as chairman for two years. He has many years of experience as a regulator, entrepreneur, consultant, and financier in the electric, natural gas, and telecommunications industries. Mr. Keenan is a prior partner in Price WaterHouseCoopers Consulting LLP and now devotes the majority of his time to serving under served populations, mostly in Haiti. 

Working in Sasye, Haiti since 2002, he has seen tremendous progress and challenging disappointments befall the people of the region he serves in. Still, he is encouraged and offers sound advice to anyone interested in helping improve the economy and lives of people in Haiti.

Dr. Bruhl's notes - I have followed and worked with Gerry for several years and he to put it simply, "He gets it! He understands how this thing called charity works and what you have to do to create sustainable change in places where people struggle with so little resources. I consider him one of the most admirable men in charity work I know and was honored to do this interview."


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