Jeff Cobelli - Good 4 You Productions & ChiroMission 

Jeff Cobelli has traveled extensively to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Kenya to capture the stories of hope and suffering people experience around the world. His company, Good 4 You Productions, believes every man/woman/child has a compelling story and telling it through film is one of the most powerful ways to bring lasting change in the world. Often as Jeff films, he sees and hears details many don't recognzie that could be powerfully motivating to bring voice to people who often have little or no voice. 

Jeff has worked with the non-profit ChiroMission to bring change in the Dominican Republic and Haiti and currently serves on their board. He believes lasting change begins with an emphasis on helping people work toward their own solutions to problems. He uses film production, editting, and sometimes interview work to reach inside the heart of people's lives and give them a face and name. 

Jeff has worked with our charity, Dreamweaver, for three years producing impact films we use to educate and inspire people who work and benefit from our charity. He is also a personal friend of Dr. Warren Bruhl and huge baseball fan! ---He and Dr. Bruhl share that passion!!  


You will enjoy Jeff's story and his insight on charity work. 

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