Joseph Nkaapa - Raising the Standards, Finding Excellence in Children in Kenya

Joseph Nkaapa is the director for the Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies in Kenya, East Africa. Joseph began working with the Kimana School after the co-founder of the school, Mrs. Sandy Taylor (1944-2016), urged him to come and take a class at the school and use his life for God's glory and to make a difference. As Nkaapa discusses with Dr. Bruhl, he was standing under a tree and Mrs. Taylor challenged him, encouraging him that though his present circumstances where humble, God had a much bigger plan for his life. Now Joseph Nkaapa operates the fastest growing primary school in Kenya on the Kimana Campus. Opening in January 2016, Nkaapa leads a team of educators, campus staff, and other community personnel, making a dramatic difference in social challenges that exist in his community. Poverty, drought, corruption, income inequality, gender bias, poor sanitation, starvation, and many issues are requiring significan leadership and action in East Africa. Nkaapa believes the Kimana School of Leadership and the Kimana Christian Academy (Primary School) are already having a significant impact on changing behavior and opportunity in East Africa. Nkaapa sees his role as a leader to serve, raise standards, and strive for excellence as he learned from his mentor, Mrs. Sandy Taylor. Though Mrs. Taylor departed in 2016 to go home with the Lord, her work and love continues one through Nkaapa and others who work at the Kimana Campus.

NOTE FROM DR. BRUHL: I am very proud of Joseph and all he has accomplished and continues to in his community. Though I am frequent visitor to Kimana and serve as a leader, I can only accept a small portion of the true credit that is deserved for the success of this institution and the role it has on changing lives in East Africa. It is my hope one day thousands of visitors will come and see all that has been accomplished and will marvel and come to support and make a difference as Ken and Sandy Taylor, Joseph Nkaapa, and others realized could be accompished. This interview was an honor to conduct with my brother Joseph Nkaapa. I am humbled by him and all he does for others.  

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