Teng Deng & Todd Love Ball, Jr. - Giving Hope to Africa

Teng Deng

Teng is a professional soccer player in Europe and has played professional soccer since 2008. He is the founder of Football for Change, a charity committed to helping youth in Sudan, where he immigrated from as a child. Teng has a passion for service and wants to help youth in Africa understand they have value and also to know that African people who left do come back to make a difference. 

Todd Love Ball, Jr.

Todd is the co-author of Wavers & Beggars, New Insight and Hope to End Poverty and Global Challenges. He is the founder of KT Fit Love, a fitnees company designed to help families spend time together and be fit simultaneously. He is also the author of two fictional books, Love Against Society and Members Only Northshore Confessions, Todd Love Ball, Jr. works professionally as a fitness educator and philanthropist. Involved in international relationship building with African-American communities and Polish communities, Todd is a bilingual speaker of English and Polish, and has traveled to Africa and Poland in efforts of community building. Todd lives with his wife and two children in the city of Palatine, IL. (www.waverandbeggars.com)


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